Maya Jade (modestmaya) wrote in shoe_trade,
Maya Jade

Update from moderator and community owner

I was given this community so long ago that I forget from whom, or why.

Anyway, are any of you still following? I think some have forgotten the purpose of the community... I remember participating in a shoe trade many years ago and getting a wonderful pair of black platform shoes that I wore for about a year straight.

Shoe Trade is exactly that. Did you buy a pair of shoes lately that weren't so comfy, and you thought to yourself, "Hey, I will be able to break them in, no sweat!" only to find that the pain continues?

Did you buy a pair of shoes on sale and realize they dont go with any of your outfits?

Whatever the case may be.. there is someone out there with the same dilemma. And hopefully, you dont mind donating a pair of shoes to a stranger in need if they pay for the shipping. OR, you really hit the jackpot and they have the same size foot, meaning you can exchange pairs!

Shoe Trade
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